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5th Wheel Hitch Rail Kits

5th Wheel Hitch Rail Kits


The 5th wheel rail kits we offer are guaranteed the best in quality and durability. The 5th wheel hitch rail kits come complete with all the parts needed for stress-free installation like bolts, brackets, rails and an instruction guide. Our 5th wheel hitch rail kits are customized for various vehicle types from Ford, Chevrolet, and GMC to Dodge. Worry no more with fairly easy to understand instructions to follow, you are surefire of the benefits of a speedy installation with quality results.  

5th Wheel Hitch Rail Kits Information & Guides

How To Hook Up a Fifth Wheel Trailer Perfectly Every-time

After you install your 5th wheel hitch, you will need to hook up the trailer to your truck, let us help you out!

Installing a 5th Wheel Hitch

Have concerns on installing a fifth wheel hitch? No need to worry, read our quick guide on installing a fifth wheel hitch.

Do I need a 5th Wheel Slider?

You will need a slider hitch attachment if your truck bed is less than 8 feet long, learn why.

Universal Vs Custom 5th Wheel Install Brackets

Not sure if you want to buy universal or custom installation brackets? Read our how to guide to see which bracket type is best for your truck.