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Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover

Bakflip F1 Tonneau Cover
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BakFlip F1 Tonneau Cover

BakFlip F1 Product Overview

Part Number
Tonneau TypeHard Folding
ManufacturerBak Industries
Top of Cover MaterialFiberglass
Warranty3 Years
Drilling Required?NO


The Bakflip F1 is a tonneau that lives to serve. The F1 sports flush hinges to minimize water and ice buildup on your truck, and perform better than standard hinges in nasty weather. Forget wind drag and worrying about freeway driving--the F1 folds past the 90-degree point for better aerodynamics and visibility of your third brake light. The F1 keeps your fingers in mind with injection-molded plastic latches that promise to hold no matter what the radar throws at you, and a 1/8 inch rail support surface that stands up to greater weights and resists moisture.


The BakFlip F1 is perfectly compatible with the BakBox

Accessorize Perfectly

By using the same materials, the BakBox and F1 are a perfect fit both in function and in looks

The F1 utilizes a smooth hinge design

Smooth Hinge Design

The unique flush hinge on the Bakflip F1 gives it better all weather durability as well as minimizing water and ice build up on the tonneau

The Bak F1 can be operated from either side of the truck bed and can be locked in the open position

Keep it open

You can operate the F1 easily from either side of the truck. The panels are lightweight enough to lift from either side and able to be locked in the full open position.

The F1 tonneau cover has heavy-duty latches to lock it down

Lock it Down

Injection molded plastic heavy duty latches provide the F1 with enhanced performance and durability

The F1 truck bed cover boasts a superior rail design

Superior Rail Design

Using the F1's low profile rail design, you are set for a perfect fit every time. The 1/8 in support lets you handle more weight on top of the cover as well as protect from water and debris


The BakFlip F1 tonneau cover boasts an easy, no-drill installation. Bak Industries, the manufacturer, provides a detailed booklet with the tonneau cover that has detailed, easy-to-read installation instructions. If you need any more help in installing your BakFlip F1, please give us a call as 855-791-0130.


BakFlip F1 Tundra Install

Bak F1 Tundra Install

Bak F1 Tacoma Install

Bak F1 Tacoma Install

Bak F1 Bedliner Install

Bak F1 Bedliner Install


The Bak F1 truck bed cover comes with a 2-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials through the manufacturer, Bak Industries. This warranty is all-inclusive and covers virtually every component of the tonneau cover. In order to activate this warranty from Bak, you need to complete the Warranty Registration form within 2 weeks of receiving your product.

Frequently Asked Questions - BakFlip F1

How good is the security of the Bak F1? The BakFlip F1 tonneau cover is incredibly secure. With it's fiberglass top and aluminum underside it cannot simply be cut open like a soft tonneau cover. Each of the aluminum panels locks down automatically as you close them and once the F1 is closed it can only be opened by accessing the underside of the cover. What this means is that you can essentially make the cover impossible to open by folding it down and locking your tailgate. If your truck's tailgate doesn't have a locking feature you can purchase a locking system for it. The F1 not only blocks your cargo from spying eyes, it also makes it near impossible for straying hands as well.

What is installation like? Installing the Bak F1 is not as complicated as you might think. Bak Industries utilizes a patented rail and clamping system that is fairly quick and does not require any drilling. Simply clamp the rails along the bed and attach the cover. The unique serrated clamp design also prevents them from slipping and/or moving around over time.

What is required to maintain by BakFlip F1 bed cover? Not as much as you may think. Bak tonneau covers are made to by incredibly durable and withstand both the test of time and the elements. The only thing that is recommended is to wash your F1 tonneau cover periodically whenever you wash your truck to keep it looking brand new.

What does the F1 tonneau cover weigh? Because of its unique design of fiberglass exterior with a EPS core, the F1 bed cover weighs in at approximately 50 pounds including the aircraft aluminum railing system. Despite this lightweight, don't be fooled into thinking that this cover isn't strong. The BakFlip F1 can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight evenly distributed over the top of the cover!

How well does the F1 cover keep my cargo dry in bad weather? All BakFlip tonneau covers are made with the goal of protecting your cargo - whether it be from thieves or the elements. The BakFlip F1 is made with all weather-resistant products and designed to remain sturdy and in place to avoid leakage. The F1 is also designed to funnel water off of the rail system and onto the ground. Regardless of whether you're dealing with rain, snow, or some combination the Bak F1 will do a great job. There is one caveat here - it's impossible for a tonneau cover to be 100% waterproof. That being said, a BakFlip cover like the F1 is about as close as you can get to perfection in this regard.

Can I dive with my panels open? Absolutely. BakFlip covers like the F1 all utilize D-rings and anchors to allow you to lock the tonneau in numerous positions along your truck bed. What this means is that you can drive with any combination of panels open or closed. This feature is especially nice if you commonly use a fifth wheel or gooseneck and don't want the hassle of having to remove your tonneau cover every time you haul something.

Product Reviews

Check out this Review from Alan C. in Atlanta, Georgia:

Plans for travel mean plans to prepare your truck for the open road, the tonneau covers from BakFlip can turn your truck into a safe-haven from water and road debris! Read below to learn how and why I chose the F1 from BakFlip and how I used it for an awesome road trip.

There are a lot of tonneau covers available on the net, each designed to work in a different way but have the same end goal in mind. It’s not hard to get intimidated by all of the options, but I discovered that solid research will put you on the right path toward a bed cover purchase, heck it worked when I bought a BakFlip F1 for my Silverado!

For instance, I was looking for a tonneau that would offer me an unusually good fit and finish and those are both qualities you don’t hear about too often in soft-tonneau covers or roll-up tonneau cover options. I also wanted a bed cover I’d be able to install totally on my own and have the installation take the amount of time detailed in the instructions.

Once you’ve done research comparing the pros and cons of various tonneau covers, it’ll be pretty easy to find the right tonneau cover. I was impressed to find that the BakFlip F1 is the flagship member of the BakFlip and the top hard folding truck bed cover. It’s crafted from the best available materials and the understructure is built from a solid, powder-coated aluminum. The idea is that the BakFlip F1 offers unparalleled strength, something I wanted!

I’d been going back and forth on which hard folding tonneau cover to get for my Silverado 1500 and the F1 was my ultimate choice. The price was right, this site had a lot of reviews and installation only took a little longer than the thirty minutes in the instructions. There are some tonneau covers on the market that require more steps for their installation while others are not built with the same low-profile. The BakFlip F1 offered all of the great features as well as fiberglass informed reinforced durability and I was smart enough to make the purchase!

I’ll definitely be recommending the BakFlip F1 tonneau cover to friends!