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Bakflip VP Tonneau Cover

Bakflip VP Tonneau Cover
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BakFlip VP Tonneau Cover

Bak VP Overview

Part Number
Tonneau TypeHard Folding
ManufacturerBak Industries
Top of Cover MaterialVinyl
Warranty1 Year
Drilling Required?NO


Simplicity and ease of use are the backbone of the Bakflip VP. Lightweight aluminum structure is complimented with rubber bumpers and panels for reinforcement, and is designed to be easily used from either side of your truck. The Bakfilp VP installs easily with no drill, and secure locking capability gives you peace of mind when you step away from your tonneau. Toughness aside, the VP sports a clean, hinge-less look that gives you all the style with no expense to durability


The VP tonneau cover protects your truck's cab


BakFlip VP offer full cab protection while open. Using the rubber bumpers and panel frames to protect the truck.
The Bak VP is fully functional from either side of the truck


You can operate the VP easily from either side of the truck. The panels are lightweight enough to lift from either side and able to be locked in the full open position.
The BakFlip VP bed cover is easy to install and does not require any drilling


The VP can be easily installed without the use of a drill and can be removed in minutes should you want to take this beauty off.
The VP truck bed cover boasts a seamless no-hinge design

Seamless, No Hinge Design

The VP's vinyl covering gives it the seamless no-hinge design that looks great and is very functional.

The VP locks in the open position


The VP's vinyl covering gives it the seamless no-hinge design that looks great and is very functional.


The VP truck bed cover is surprisingly easy to install. All you really need is a 9/16" socket wrench and a little bit of elbow grease. Bak Industries provides a detailed set of installation instructions with the tonneau cover as well. Of course, if you have any further questions on how to install your Bak VP cover, please give us a call at 855-791-0130.


The BakFlip VP tonneau cover is backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty from Bak Industries against any defects in craftsmanship or materials. In order to activate the warranty from Bak truck bed cover, you'll need to complete the Warranty Registration within 2 weeks of receiving the cover to guarantee that you're protected.


Bak VP Ford Install

Bak VP Ford Install

Bak VP Chevy Install

Bak VP Chevy Install

Product Reviews

Check out this review from Marc E. in Ithaca, New York:

I admit it! I will not deny it! I asked why I should add a tonneau cover to my Ford. I am a little embarrassed that I asked why I needed a bed cover but the responses enlightened me and put me on the road toward purchasing the BakFlip VP Tonneau Cover. What did my friends share to persuade me? They explained that a Bak Industries bed cover can improve gas mileage, make my F-150 look even better than it already does, and protect my gear from thieves and weather.

Tonneau covers produced by Bak Industries offer the coverage many of us need and want for maintaining the look and longevity of a burly truck. Many people will choose soft roll-up covers, others will try to find a hinged cover for use at work, but I chose to add the Bak Industries BakFlip VP to my F-150 after buckling down researching options. The number of bed covers I looked at and tried in-person was insane and there was so much information, so it felt like time to put together a BakFlip review from a buyer.

One of my friends who helped me make the decision to add a tonneau recently sat me down and asked “why” Bak got my money. I explained that I found myself rather dissatisfied with soft-top tonneau covers I researched, prices were right but I did not feel they could or would handle the elements and dangers posed by road debris very well. I know that sounds subjective but you all know it is important to be able to trust the water protection offered by a bed cover during the soggy summer months in Florida. The BakFlip VP removed this one nagging concern from my list and won my loyalty!

BakFlip VP pros (in my humble opinion):

  • The VP is the newest in folding tonneau options from Bak Industries.
  • The BakFlip VP comes in at a more modest price than its own siblings.
  • The tonneau is an all-aluminum design and topped with a rugged vinyl.
  • The VP performs well in rain, ice, sleet and hail, making it a bed cover solution coast to coast.
  • Like all Bak Industries bed covers, the BakFlip VP folding tonneau cover is backed by a great warranty.

My only complaint about this folding tonneau cover from Bak Industries is that it would be nice if other sites were required to pull together their product information in a way that makes sense. It would be so much easier to find the pros and cons of retractable models, soft models, hard models, tri-fold models and all other options if all sites were as easy to navigate as HitchAnything.