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BedRug Tailgate Mat

BedRug Tailgate Mat



As a vehicle owner it is your obligation to check your car or truck parts to see if they are still functioning perfectly. And one of them is the tailgate!!!! Tailgates are designed to add extra space for your cargo and enable you to carry heavier and longer loads. So to secure the loads at the back part of your trucks the BedRug Tailgate Mat was introduce on the market by its manufacturer, the said mat has an exact width to fill in the accurate and equal dimension of your tailgate.

The BedRug Tailgate Mat is an absolute bed protection which prevents defacement to your bodywork or plastic bed liner. The tough and thick foam is the BedRug Tailgate Mat offers protection or resistant against bleach, gas, and oil and any chemical that is spilt out from your cargo, such as Battery Acids and Motor oils... But through the well designed structure of the BedRug Tailgate Mat those stains and spills are easily removed using a hose or any source of high pressured water and a car vacuum, without causing any scratches to the bed truck or even the mat itself. The BedRug Tailgate Mat has two styles that will enable the consumer to decide which type of a BedRug Tailgate Mat perfectly suits their vehicles the Drop-In Plastic BedLiner or the Spray–In without a liner or with liner.  That BedRug Tailgate Mat itself has features that are ideal for an incomparable choice for car accessories at a reasonable price with the assurance of the products longer service plus the no sweat and hassle free installation.