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Cargo Carrier

Shop Cargo Carries from respected brands like Curt, B-Dawg, Rola, & Pro Series

The addition of a cargo carrier to your vehicle will blow you mind by how much it increases your vehicle's carrying ability, storage capacity, and overall comfort. Here at HitchAnything.com we are proud to offer a complete line of cargo carrier that are both hitch-mounted, and roof-mounted. If you have any questions about our products, just give us a call at 855-791-0130.

Hitch Cargo Carrier

Hitch Cargo Carrier

From: $206.09 - $206.09

Hitch cargo carriers are incredibly popular because they are a breeze to install and can significantly increase your cargo carrying ability. Just slide into your existing trailer hitch and hit the road! When your done, you can either leave it on or slide it out and store it until next time you need it.

  • Easy installation
  • Available in both Aluminum and powder coated steel
  • Made from Curt, Rola, B-Dawg, and Pro Series
  • Covered by Manufacturer's Warranty

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

From: $78.25 - $439.99

Rooftop cargo carriers are an excellent way to significantly increase the storage capacity of your vehicle. If if can't fit in the truck or back seat, simply mount it securely onto the roof! We carry a wide selection of rooftop covers.

  • Convenient way to increase storage capacity of vehicle
  • Made from respected brands like Curt, Thule, and Rola
  • Easy installation and use
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

Cargo Carrier Bag

Cargo Carrier Bag

From: $42.96 - $251.05

Cargo carrier bags are a cargo carrier's best friend. The cargo carrier does the heavy lifting and transporting, but the bag protects the cargo during transit. We're proud to offer some of the best cargo bags in the industry to our customers.

  • Compatible with almost any cargo carrier
  • Waterproof and secure
  • Strong, durable, and dependable
  • Covered by manufacturer's warranty

Cargo Accessories

Cargo Accessories

From: $9.15 - $496.22

Cargo Carrier Videos

Hitch Cargo Carriers

Hitch Cargo Carriers

How To Load a Cargo Carrier

How To Load a Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Rooftop Cargo Carrier


All of our cargo carriers come backed by a premium manufacturer's warranty. While the specific details will vary depending on manufacturer, all of our manufacturers strongly stand behind their products. For more information on these warranties, please give us a call at 855-791-0130. Below are some of the warranties for our most popular manufacturers.

Curt Warranty Information

Pro Series Warranty Information

Highland Warranty Information

ROLA Warranty Information

B-Dawg Warranty Information


Cargo carriers are generally easy to assemble and install. Hitch cargo carriers simply mount into your existing trailer hitch. The rooftop variety mount onto your vehicle's roof. Either way, you can be assured that all of our products come with a great set of installation instructions that are clear, detailed, and easy to follow. If you still have any issues or questions please feel free to call us at 855-791-0130. Our cargo carrier experts are always happy to help in any way they can. Below is an example of how to assemble and install a cargo carrier from B-Dawg.

B-Dawg Carrier User's Manual


Traveling? Our cargo carriers are all made by the highest quality manufacturers on the market. We offer hitch cargo carriers, rooftop cargo carriers and cargo hauling accessories. Hitch cargo carriers mount to the hitch receiver of the traveling vehicle, while a rooftop cargo carrier will install onto the roof rack system. We strive to make the shopping experience extremely easy, view the questions and answers below to help guide you in purchasing a cargo carrier.

Cargo Carrier FAQs

Rooftop vs Hitch Cargo Carrier?

  • Rooftop cargo carriers often feature a weather proof design along with a much larger amount of space to store luggage other gear. The only downside is loading can be difficult along with a slight decrease in fuel economy.
  • Hitch mounted cargo carriers mount to the vehicle's trailer hitch (required) and are generally not weather proof, but are easy to load and do not adversely effect fuel economy.

Hitch Cargo Carrier, Aluminum or Steel?

  • Our hitch cargo carriers are offered in aluminum and steel. Aluminum carriers do weigh less but are more difficult and costly to create, therefore the aluminum models carry a higher cost.
  • Steel cargo carriers have a lower price but do weigh more. Although our cargo carriers are powder coated to prevent any rusting, the chance of rust formation is still possible.
  • Installation and assembly of a cargo carrier is very easy, this is true for both aluminum and steel carriers.

What size Cargo Carrier do I Need?

  • This is a difficult question to answer, the size cargo carrier a camper with tons of gear will differ from some one needs space to carry a cooler to tail gate.
  • We recommend purchasing a cargo carrier that is larger than you believe you will need, this ensures you will always have enough room.

With the right sort of cargo carriers, you can haul practically anything. Before you go to the expense of purchasing a trailer and installing a hitch, be sure to review your vehicle's owners manual to know what its maximum load limit is. When you're ready to buy cargo carriers, we'll be here. A pickup truck provides plenty of cargo space, but sometimes, it isn't enough. You could make multiple trips back and forth, or you could haul a whole lot more with one of our cargo carriers. We are Hitch Anything, and we stock and sell a variety of cargo carriers.

Browse our online catalog and you're sure to find cargo carriers that will suit your purposes perfectly. Don't see exactly what you want? No problem. Give us a call at 1.855.791.0130 and tell us what you need. We stock and sell a nice range of rooftop cargo carriers as well as cargo carriers that are towed with a hitch on the back of your vehicle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types. Rooftop cargo carriers are generally weatherproof, but they will slightly decrease your gas mileage. Trailer-type cargo carriers will not adversely affect your mileage, but they're open to the elements.

The kind of cargo carriers you choose depends on what you need to haul and the weather in which you wish to haul it.Before you order a trailer-type cargo carrier from Hitch Anything, be sure to know the maximum towing capacity of your car, truck or other vehicle. Be advised that not every vehicle is able to tow a trailer. Before you go to the expense of purchasing cargo carriers, read the owner's manual that came with your vehicle. If you don't see towing capacity in the book, contact the manufacturer or give us a call at 1.855.791.0130.

Customer Reviews

Check out this review from Alan E. in Yakima, Washington: I use a roof rack to haul things for work and love that it's enclosed and can protect my items from the rain. I love my SUV, but I couldn't carry anywhere near what I do without my carrier.

Check out this review from Wilbur T. in Pueblo, Colorado:My hitch cargo carrier is on my Ford Escape almost every weekend. I honestly don't know what I would do without it. My trunk is a pretty good size, but it's never big enough!!! A+ product.