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Rapid Hitch

Rapid Hitch



 According from a popular saying “small things can do great things” this words are perfectly describes a certain and useful trailer ball hitch the Rapid Hitch. Rapid Hitch is just small and simple yet a very innovative adjustable ball hitch that helps people to tow vehicles or cargoes easier and safer by maintaining your trailer and vehicles parallel to the road and gives you a more stable towing experience. This adjustable Rapid Hitch is made out of an Anti Rust aluminum that can help you to avoid the hassle of having it coated with special Anti Oxide paint or chrome that can hew or peel unlike other brand of trailer hitch.                                             

Rapid Hitch has its greaseless round options making it easier adjustment and lighter volume to handle. This amazingly perfect Rapid Hitch has multi-ball method that is ideal for any person who tows several trailers with volume and longer cargoes. You can surely do anything to this Rapid Hitch depending on how you use it with your trailer. Rapid Hitch can be flip its over dual ball alter the drop to rise or adjust its altitude by merely removing the hitch pin and putting it back to it to its place.

An Anti-Theft keyed lock pins that are cycled to ensure proper and smooth function. This hitcher has a low maintenance investment because it doesn’t require any tough cleaning just simply polish it with your trusted aluminum polisher then it will be the same as it was bought a year ago.