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Single-Speed Trailer Winch

Single-Speed Trailer Winch



A single-speed trailer winch is useful for many different applications. Single-speed trailer winch usually makes lifting and loading much easier and allow you to handle cargo and vehicles far heavier than you could do on your own. From boats to jet skis to cars and just about anything else that you can think of.

A single-speed trailer winch is usually a manual winch. A single-speed trailer winch is operated by hand and usually has a drum gear setup with a rotary handle. When buying a single-speed trailer winch, you should speak to sales staff as they will usually have plenty of information about the type of winch suitable for your needs and can point you in the right direction when making your purchase. If you’re going to mount a single-speed trailer winch buy yourself, single-speed trailer winch will usually come with instructions on how to do so, and can usually be accomplished with basic DO-IT-YOURSELF tools and a little know how.

If you’re going to be handling heavy loads, then by complementing your single-speed trailer winch with snatch blocks and pulleys, you can in most cases double the capacity of the winch, provided the single-speed trailer winch cable is of a reputable grade. Ideally, you should never operate a winch alone.  If possible, you should always have someone else with you in case there are any incidents which require medical treatment. If you are using an electric winch alone, then you should always operate it using the remote control if one is provided with it.