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 Do you own a family van or cargo van? Is it for business purposes or just intend for personal use? Well try this newest product in the market today the VanRug. It is high quality mats that are made of strong and tough polypropylene materials. VanRug defends your van or vehicles against dents and scratches plus an anti-skid feature prevents your very sensitive and dainty cargoes such as antiques, figurines gadgets or any electronics from smashing up easily. Its manufacturer who is well known for making such an impressive accessories wishes to have the best yet cheapest mat for your vehicles. And for that, VanRug was perfect for it, as a skin and knee friendly carpet-like cushioned foam. Installing the VanRug product takes more or less 20 minutes without even exerting too much force. From interior van ribs surface the VanRug are formed and perfectly expand behind front seats to under cargo door’s plastic shroud which gives your vehicles interior a boosting and like-new looks, aside from the fact that VanRug mats can insulates the vans from lousy noise and heat on its floors.

Cleaning was as effortless as installing VanRug all you have to do is sprayed it off with high pressured garden hose then presto! All the dirt even down to the chemical and oil spills are swept out because of its special feature, a chemical and stain resistant layer which makes this product worth buying with the assurance that you are buying the genuine brand of VanRug.