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Roll-X Tonneau Cover

Roll-X Tonneau Cover
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Bak Roll-X Tonneau Cover

Bak Roll-X Overview

Part Number
Tonneau TypeHard Rolling
ManufacturerBak Industries
Top of Cover MaterialAluminum
Warranty2 Years
Drilling Required?NO


The Bakflip Roll-X is a real people-pleaser. And with all the ease of a rolling tonneau and the durability of a hard-shell cover, it should be! The Roll-X installs in minutes with just a 15mm wrench, so you don't have to tear your hair out trying to fit your truck. The Roll-X is strong enough that it can withstand day-to-day use, and durable enough to outlive your truck. It sports a smart locking rail design for excellent security, and a flush design for a sleek, clean look. The Roll-X's aircraft-grade aluminum and UV-protected exterior add to an already rock-solid package.


The Roll-X boasts a flush, no profile design

No Profile Design

The low profile design makes the Roll-X virtually unnoticable from the side of the truck, but also allows for the use of many other accessories.

the Bak Roll-X tonneau cover can be installed in 15 minutes and does not require any drilling

15 Minute Install

The simply no drill install gives you all the function you need in about 15 mintues with a wrench.

The Roll-X bed cover is strong and built to last

Built to Last

The strongest rolling tonneau cover on the market, the Roll-x is designed to perform flawlessly

The Roll-X can be locked down for ultimate security

Lock it Down

The new locking rail design on the Roll-X ensures the entire cover is locked down and secure the entire length of the cover

The Bak Roll-X tonneau cover is fully compatible with the BakBox toolbox

BakBox Compatible

The Bakbox is the perfect addition to your Roll-X cover. Get the ultimate cover with the toolbox functionality you want.


The BakFlip Roll-X tonneau cover offers a simple installation that can be done at home. An installation manual containing detailed instructions is included with the bed cover that provides clear, easy-to-read instructions. If you have any additional questions about installing your Bak Roll-X please give us a call at 855-791-0130.


Bak Roll-X Ford Install

Bak Roll-X Ford Install

Bak Roll-X Toyota Install

Bak Roll-X Toyota Install

Bak Roll-X Chevrolet Install

Bak Roll-X Chevrolet Install


The Bak Roll-X tonneau cover is backed by a solid manufacturer's warranty from Bak Industries against any defects in craftsmanship or materials. In order to activate the warranty from Bak truck bed cover, you'll need to complete the Warranty Registration within 2 weeks of receiving the cover to guarantee that you're protected.

Product Reviews

Check out this Review from Tom K. in Charleston, South Carolina:

The way I figure it, we are all entitled to several special trips that are all earned over a lifetime of hard work. My own dream was an Alaskan road trip! Alaska is a state that is quite close to double the size of Texas, but people tend to inhabit the state in much sparser numbers. It can be a lonely road trip marked with huge spans of open road that are bracketed by stunning scenes and the wildlife is amazing. It is a trip that requires a driver to make careful plans for daily drives and it is a good idea to build-in plenty of time for photos and sightseeing. It is vital plans include truck preparation, including the addition of a cover like the Roll-X Tonneau Cover from the people over at Bak Industries. If you’ll humor me I’d like to share my experience and how my Bak bed cover really saved the day.

How to prepare yourself and your truck for an Alaskan road trip.

Step One:

An Alaskan adventure must begin with a detailed review of either a hard copy or digital road map to plan the route you want to travel. The highway runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Delta Junction, Alaska, but you will find local roads extend the route from Seattle, Washington, to Fairbanks, Alaska for close to 2,300 miles. You and your Roll-X covered Chevy will find some parts of interior Alaska are well-served by roads, but there are areas that only a plane will be able to handle. I even took my truck on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system to the Inside Passage, the only problem was a little rough weather but the Roll-X kept things nice and dry.

Step Two:

You will want to have your truck serviced before choosing to board the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system or even leaving your driveway. Some roads in the state are well-maintained but constant exposure to rain, sleet, snow and ice makes road repairs challenging. The punishing Dalton Highway itself calls for a responsible truck owner to take action, I chose the addition of the Roll-X tonneau cover from Bak Industries. The reasons for my choice include:

  • The Roll-X tonneau cover is a soft tonneau cover and a hard tonneau cover rolled into one.
  • This Bak bed cover is built from heavy-duty aluminum panels that are covered with a high-grad vinyl top.
  • The lightweight tonneau can shoulder up to 400 LBS of evenly distributed weight.
  • The Roll-X was one of the few high quality tonneau covers I could install on my own.

Step Three:

Stock your truck with emergency supplies like nonperishable food, extra water and a couple of blankets. All of your supplies can fit as handy as can be under a tonneau cover like the Roll-X from Bak! You may also want to check on renting a satellite phone because cellular service in Alaska can be hit or miss.

My point in being here is to remind you all that dream road trips just require solid planning and the addition of accessories for your truck. The one addition to my Chevy was the Roll-X bed cover and I could NOT have had a fantastic trip without the tonneau. I highly recommend Bak and their products!